Why Laser Tag?


Why is Laser Tag the perfect new business or add-on to your existing entertainment business?

star_green_256It’s active and FUN! star_green_256Boys & Girls LOVE Laser Tag! star_green_256Mobile is HOT!  No school bus - we come to schools! star_green_256Your Trailer is a Traveling Billboard! star_green_256No Rent to Pay!  No Landlord! star_green_256Make your own hours! star_green_256Get Paid up Front. star_green_256It's a great add-on to existing Family Entertainment Center. star_green_256Add on to Mobile Video Game Trucks! star_green_256Add on to Inflatable Rental Business! star_green_256It’s Simple and Easy to Set Up star_green_256No Food to Spoil star_green_256No Products to Stock or Sell star_green_256People want convenience, and this comes right to them! star_green_256You're not tied to any "brick and mortar" storefront.  This party travels! star_green_256Laser Tag is perfect for book fairs, festivals, parades, birthday parties, graduations, Corporate Events, City Events, Customer Appreciations, open houses, Block Parties, Fundraising Events and Team Parties!

Laser Tag Makes Money!

In November 2014 we took our whole team to Orlando, Florida to participate in the week long IAAPA Expo. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo attracts vendors and buyers from all over the world. There were a lot of Companies there that design and build Laser Taggers/Phasers and Equipment, but none of them are adding the "Mobile Experience" to the industry like we are. We offer a 14 foot trailer that the players climb into, a 10 foot trailer that advertises and stores your equipment and a Combo Mobile Video Game Theater and Laser Tag Trailer. If you would just like the Laser Tag Package we can order that for you as well. If you'd like just the Taggers and our Business Package we can do that too. In three years Rockin' Rollin' Video Game Party has grown from one local Mobile Game Theater to 60 independent Mobile Game Theater Owners across the country. All of our Owners are still in business and we are poised to apply the same winning formula to the Laser Tag Industry. We are not a Franchise and we teach you to be successful. Between our Game Trailer and our Laser Tag Trailer we have grossed over $40,000 in the last three months doing 35 to 50 events per month... most of them 2 hour events. In October we had 51 events over 120 hours and brought in $15,000. Our ROI is over 70% so we put $10,000 in our pocket. (Of course, this is not a promise of what you will be able to make, just the numbers that we are bringing in.) The packages will include the Taggers, Optional Trailers and Training... Battle Rifle Pro Bundle 16, 18, 20 or 24 Taggers, Tagger's AC Charging Adapter, Head Sensor Array with Ac Adapter, Set Of Barrel Keys and a Tagger Sling Firmware Cable Allows firmware update between laptop and laser tag unit. Metal Red Dot Sights rail attachment with rheostat brightness adjustment and lens hood The utility box acts as a Respawn, Ammo, Weapon, Medic, & Sensor Box Training Package Training Manual, Full Operations Training, 5 Social Media sites set up with one on one phone Training, SEO Service, Website Designed, indexed and launched, Reservation System Set Up with one on one phone Training and invitation to Owner’s private help forum Trailer Packages 5 Year Warranty, Electric Brakes, 3" Tube Frame, Jack W/Sandfoot or electric. Aluminum Roof, Led Strip Tail Lights, Led Exterior Lighting, 24" Stone guard, Wedge V Nose, extra Interior height, Black Carpeted Walls, Black Rubber Coin Floor, Upgraded Viper Wheels W/Black Inlay, Radial Tires, Full or Partial 3M wrap, Built indoors from the ground up when you order it!          

Rockin' Rollin' Video Game Party Laser Tag Business Opportunity